How to manage projects?

Guided Tutorial:

Introduction: Managing projects effectively involves handling various tasks such as  organizing projects and clips, editing them to meet specific requirements, and downloading audio files. This guide outlines steps to efficiently manage projects, download single and separate audio files, and edit projects and clips while maintaining a structured hierarchy.

Managing Projects:

  1. Organize Projects: Start by creating a structured hierarchy for your projects. This can include grouping projects by chapters, topic, or voices. 
  2. Monitor Progress: Regularly monitor the progress of each project, and follow the best practices guide

Downloading Audio Files:

  1. Select type: Determine if you want one audio clip, or separated audio clips in a zip file.
  2. Download: make sure you've generated the audio before downloading. 
  3. Sample and bit rate: You can control sample and bit rate as noted here.

Editing Projects and Clips:

  1. Deleting projects: a deleted project is gone forever! It cannot be recovered.
  2. Deleting Clips: deleting clips is also gone forever. 

Hierarchy of Projects and Clips:

  1. Project Level: Projects house all the clips.
  2. Clip Level: Clips are individual audio files or segments that you are generating audio with, whether using text-to-speech, or speech-to-speech. 

Conclusion: Efficiently managing projects, downloading audio files, and editing clips require careful planning, organization, and attention to detail. By following the steps outlined in this guide and maintaining a structured hierarchy of projects and clips, you can streamline your workflow and achieve successful project outcomes.