Why are my files excluded?

Custom data upload voice building


In Resemble AI, the process of building a custom synthesized voice involves uploading voice files that serve as the foundation for your unique voice. While confirming the consent file is a crucial step in this process, it's known that not all uploaded voice files may be utilized in the voice-building flow. This is a known part of the voice-building flow and is actively being improved by the Resemble team. In this knowledge base article, we'll delve into the reasons behind voice file exclusions and provide step-by-step instructions to mitigate this issue.

Key Points:

1. Your Voice Build:
When creating a custom synthesized voice in Resemble AI, you upload voice files that serve as the foundation for your unique voice. These files are used to train the AI model and generate the synthesized voice based on your vocal characteristics.

2. Consent File Confirmed:
As part of the voice-building process, a consent file is required to confirm that you have permission to use the voice files provided. Once the consent file is confirmed, the voice-building process can proceed.

3. Excluded Files:
Despite confirming the consent file, you may notice that not all of your voice files are being used in the voice-building process. This can occur when certain files sound too different from the bulk of your files, leading to their exclusion from the voice build.

4. Mitigating the Issue:
To mitigate the issue of excluded voice files and ensure that all relevant files are included in the voice build, follow these steps:

Go to the Voice Page: Navigate to the Voice page within your Resemble AI account.

Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 11.49.14 AM

Click into the Voice: Select the specific voice for which you want to update the voice files.

Select Update Voice: Within the voice settings, click on the "Update Voice" option. If this doesn't automatically update the voice, then continue to the next page. Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 12.04.49 PM

Select "Keep" on the Files: In the update voice settings, select the option to "Keep" on the files that
were previously excluded from the voice build.

Rebuild the Voice: Once you've selected to keep the excluded files, initiate the voice-building process by clicking "Update Voice" again. This will rebuild the voice, including the previously excluded files, and ensure a more comprehensive representation of your voice.


Understanding why certain voice files are being excluded from your voice build in Resemble AI is essential for optimizing the accuracy and consistency of your synthesized voice. While this is a known part of the voice-building flow, the Resemble team is actively working to improve this process. By following the steps outlined above to mitigate the issue of excluded files, you can ensure that your custom synthesized voice fully captures your vocal characteristics and meets your project needs.